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China's Stunting of Macau's Gambling Industry Leads to An Economic Downfall

Rewind to February 2014 and Macau's economy was booming. Spearheaded by the former-Portuguese colony’s dominating casino industry, Macau's gambling-centric economy had been steadily growing since 2009. Already a hotspot for jet-setting gamblers, Macau's appearance in James Bond blockbuster Skyfall had only seen the Chinese Special Administrative Zone’s standing as an international gambling mecca rise further

Published: 15 April 2015 more

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Mobile gaming will top console gaming in 2015

Ever since the first smartphones were manufactured and gaming apps started being created and downloaded, there has long been talk of the death of console gaming because of the rise of mobile gaming. And at the beginning of this year, games industry market research company Newzoo predicted that mobile gaming would overtake console gaming for the first time in 2015. 
Published: 30 March 2015 more

Interesting News About Casino Games

It is nothing but a place where gambling games are played through internet. In such type of games there are some set of rules need to be followed by the players. To enable online games the companies have to purchase some software that related to game. These can be classified into two types first type is web-based casino and the second type is download-only casino. 
Published: 12 February 2015 more

Data Capture

Your customers will appreciate a fresh look at how you handle their data – and it might improve your relationships, image and bottom line. Adam Tanner, author of What Stays In Vegas, spoke to Casino International 
Published: 31 January 2015 more

2015: Year of the Tiger?

The Philippines’ Tiger Resort is on its way, part of Manila’s Entertainment City complex – and it’s going to be spectacular. Matt Hurst, Executive Vice President of Casino Operations and Marketing, told Casino International about the project 
Published: 31 January 2015 more

Changing times

Closings and conflicts, challenges and achievements. What does 2015 hold for the US gaming market and the American Gaming Association? Sharon Harris asks and answers 
Published: 31 January 2015 more

Slipping standards

Casino Consultant Paul Sculpher asks why service standards have slipped so far in casinos worldwide – and is there an answer? 
Published: 31 January 2015 more

Comtrade: ICE?and beyond

Ales Gornjec, General Manager at Comtrade Gaming, talks to Casino International Online about the year ahead. 
Published: 31 January 2015 more

A future for digital currencies and e-gaming

Peter Greenhill, CEO e-gaming development for the Isle of Man Department of Economic Development, looks closely at the implications of digital currencies. 
Published: 31 January 2015 more


Known worldwide for its innovation and creativity, the Slovenian company always strives for perfection 
Published: 31 January 2015 more

Times a-changing

Where will the chips fall in the New Year? 
Published: 31 January 2015 more

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