An Introduction To Bitcoin Dice

With BTC’s rise in popularity, bitcoin casino games have continued increasing in numbers online. Bitcoin dice is known as one of the purest forms of crypto casino games available on the internet, with straightforward rules that are easy to learn. Here’s everything crypto enthusiasts will want to know before playing Bitcoin dice, starting from what it is to develop a winning strategy.

What is Bitcoin Dice?

While different crypto casino platforms have unique working dynamics, bitcoin dice games work similarly across various sites. Bitcoin dice also follows straightforward rules, which explains its popularity in most crypto casinos.

Like traditional dice games, bitcoin dice players need to develop winning strategies to avoid losing their bankroll. However, the main focus remains the player selections and the amount of money you decide to stake on each bet.

How Bitcoin Dice Works

Whether you’re a skilled online casino player or a beginner, Bitcoin dice is a simple game to understand and play. In this game, the player chooses any number between 1-100 and wagers on whether a dice roll will result in values higher or lower than the chosen value. Everything is that

For instance, if you bet on a dice roll to be lower than 75, it will be the same as betting that the roll will result in over 25. The games come with a 1% house edge, though they’re mostly transparent. Here are a few basic steps to start playing bitcoin dice online:

  • Choose the number you predict the dice to roll over or under.
  • Place your bet
  • Roll the dice

Bitcoin Dice Tips

While there’s no guarantee that your bitcoin dice strategy will work, there are several tricks you can use to boost your winning chances.

  • Consider using a solid bitcoin dice strategy like the Martingale strategy
  • When playing Bitcoin dice, employ different auto bet strategies. For instance, you can make an initial bet of 10 satoshis while rolling under 48 and increase the betting amount by 300%. You can change this percentage to 45% when you place the dice or go higher to test different ways and see what works.
  • Bank half of your winnings after every round to remain profitable even when you start having a bad run.
  • Slowly increase your wager when on a winning streak, but don’t be too hasty.
  • Consider wagering bitcoin casinos that offer benefits like bitcoin faucet. These come as bonuses that players get after playing for a specific time, like an hour. The bonuses come as free bitcoin, encouraging the player to place more wagers.

Picking a Bitcoin Dice Strategy

Choosing the best bitcoin dice strategy all depends on how you bet and how to determine the betting amount. Like regular casino games such as roulette, there are many possible bets though you’ll only have to choose either high or low.

You must consider several factors when deciding the amount to bet, including your level of risk aversion and your bankroll’s size. Here are three betting systems that you can easily incorporate into your bitcoin dice gameplay.

Martingale Betting System

Tracing its origin to 18 th century France, the Martingale betting system is very popular with casino players today. The simplicity of the system and the fact that it portrays a true picture of things have increased its popularity, especially with games with a 50/50 chance.

This system encourages you to start with a single unit on the game’s outcome, and your bet remains the same if you win but doubles with every loss. That means you’ll revert to your initial wager size when you win next.

Doubling your wager guarantees that you’ll recover all your previous losses and probably turn in a small profit when you win. That said, it’s easy to see why bitcoin dice enthusiasts love this betting system. However, you might incur huge losses if you’re on a bad streak.


The Paroli system is popular with bitcoin dice betting, as it features a positive progression system. The strategy works in three series, resetting after the third wager regardless of the outcome.

For instance, if you lose a single unit with the Paroli System, you double your stake. The system features eight possible outcomes, with five resulting in losses, two yielding profits, and breakeven. That means one of the possible outcomes includes winning three bets to record a seven-unit win.


This bitcoin dice strategy is a combination of both the Paroli and Martingale system. It’s simple to apply, though its pitfalls are similar to Martingale’s system.

To use the D’Alembert system, choose your base wagering unit and increase it with the same amount when you lose until you win. You also get to decrease your stake by a unit whenever you win.

Bottom Line

While bitcoin dice is entertaining and secure for players worldwide, having a solid strategy is the key to success. You can apply any of the three strategies above or device something that works for you while allowing you to gamble responsibly.