Betfred smoothes the customer onboarding process after delivering new KYC journey with HooYu

Leading identity confirmation provider HooYu has partnered with bookmaker Betfred

In late April, Betfred went live with a new customer sign-up journey using the HooYu Identify platform after a review following the new age verification requirements from the UK Gambling Commission.

Betfred already had strong KYC measures in place but they partnered with HooYu to optimise their sign-up and KYC processes and provide a seamless customer journey.

As a leading provider of KYC technology to some of the UK’s largest banks, such as NatWest, HooYu also works with gaming operators to create a customer on-boarding journey designed not just to comply with the UKGC regulations, but to ensure that gaming operators don’t lose customers as a result of the new regulations.

David de la Yesa, Director of Payments and Fraud at Betfred commented, “HooYu has not only complied with all the requirements from the UK Gambling Commission they have created the best possible KYC process when customer documentation verification is required.”

David Pope, Marketing Director at HooYu, commented, “HooYu Identify enables Betfred to comply with the new Gambling Commission age verification requirements whilst minimising the impact to customer acquisition and maximising customer sign-up.”

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