Casino Cash Trac to expand offering at G2E Asia

Casino Cash Trac will be expanding its cash management and innovation offering at G2E Asia.

Casino Cash Trac’s (CCT) platform, Casino Insight, is the Gaming Industry’s only Casino Audit System (CAS) on the market and has been installed in over 190 casinos in 23 different jurisdictions, offering operators better insight into their cage, vault, and revenue audit processes.

Currency and chip management is central to casino operations. By capturing all transactions in and out of the cage and vault and merging data from all systems of record throughout the enterprise into one-of-a-kind audit and operational analytics tools, Casino Insight supports the world’s leading casinos in reshaping their business processes and creating efficiencies, making the lives of operators easier, safer, and more profitable.

Casino Insight offers full integration with casino management, food & beverage, and hotel systems, as well as cash recyclers, dispensers, kiosks, and other bank machines. This allows Revenue Audit to reconcile all activity daily without spending hours aggregating and inputting data. CAS consolidates casino transactions into an easy-to-upload G/L format, eliminating paper and manual errors and delivering simple, seamless, and paperless transactions throughout the entire casino operation.

CCT is passionate about innovation and is continuously evolving its platform as systems change and new technologies are introduced to the industry. CCT applies over a decade of industry best practices from Gaming operators and their clients get the benefit of that knowledge leading to a solution which provides a tremendous ROI. By utilising electronic signatures, casinos can go paperless using a virtual library of documents created by the platform, significantly reducing exceptions. Cash and chip variances are tracked in real-time, across the operation, decreasing the time spent by auditors compiling data and manipulating spreadsheets.

Wanor Franca, CCT’s chief revenue officer, said, “Through the experience CCT has gained over the past 10 years, the cage, vault, and revenue audit processes can be transformed from a labour intensive, data entry-heavy environment into an automated, dynamic system which adds to operations’ bottom line and improves controls and accountability.” He continued, “Casino Insight is ever-evolving and can scale to meet the enterprise’s needs through expansions new vendors, and operations changes.”