Casino Lisboa Portugal announces iVizion success

After a year in the making, JCM is excited to announce that Casino Lisboa in Portugal will have іVIZION bill validators across their games floor.

Casino Lisboa which is one of the top 10 EU casinos has 1100 slots machines operating with the preferred bill acceptor, iVIZION. The casino also chose JCM Global as the preferred bill acceptor supplier due to  the advanced technology, quality product and special support. Casino Lisboa Portugal retrofitted their machines with the JCM bill validators as well as acquiring a number of new slots with iVIZION already in place.

“It is a testament to the quality of our products and the commitment of our staff that this top-ten casino has opted to use iVIZION across its gaming floor. We have no doubt that these innovative bill validators will prove successful with the both the operators and the players at Casino Lisboa Portugal,” said Payam Zadeh, JCM Global EMEA General Manager.

“The choice to have JCM as our preferred supplier is thanks to their incredible team of Product Managers, Technical Managers and Sales support. And, of course, the high quality of the iVIZION bill validator, which has a great note and TITO acceptance speed ensuring customers of the casino are comfortable when playing the slots,” said Lou Ion San, Gaming Manager of Casino Lisboa Portugal.

iVIZION houses Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology that scans 75 times more data points than any bill validator in its class, patented anti-stringing technology, and two powerful processors to offer fast and secure note and ticket acceptance. And, with a sealed dirt and liquid-resistant banknote path and rugged design, the iVIZION requires less service-related downtime, which means more time to game.

Casino Lisboa has been operating in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, since its inauguration back in 2006, and in addition to its slot machines, offers 28 gaming tables, four bars, three restaurants and a theatre.