Clover Link ‘Simply the Best’ at Casino Bad Homburg in Germany

Clover Link is the new hit at Germany’s eldest casino.

Casino Bad Homburg is a very important casino in Germany. Steeped in tradition, this casino was inaugurated in 1841 by the Blanc brothers, being the meeting point for aristocracy, including the Russian poet Dostojewski. The location, in a wonderful part of Germany, also makes this casino so unique.

Today there is another reason that draws in players. The casino management, having heard such great feedback, made sure that a visit to the APEX gaming stand was right at the top of their agenda during the last ICE exhibition in London. Clover Link is the talk of the industry and so the Casino Bad Homburg team made sure that Clover Link was to become the next major jackpot system to delight their customers.

“There is a difference between hearing of great results and then experiencing them oneself”, explained Mr. Lutz Schenkel, Managing Director at Casino Bad Homburg. “We are extremely pleased with the results. Our customers were literally waiting to play it during set-up. As soon as it was ready to play, the seats were taken! This shows that APEX has created something very special indeed. Clover Link LOVER LINK began as a firm favourite and has remained so to this very day.”

Mr. Andreas Deschner, Slot Manager at Casino Bad Homburg placed emphasis on another extremely important point, “The service APEX gaming offers is second to none. This truly impressed us. The APEX team took our questions and suggestions seriously and responded professionally and extremely quickly”. 

Mr. Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming pointed to the importance of having such a strong customer reference, “The history, the location and the modern and innovative management team all together make Casino Bad Homburg the place to visit. Our corporate philosophy is to take gaming to the next level. This coincides with the management strategy at Casino Bad Homburg. That explains why Clover Link is the perfect fit here”.