Complitech US launches to ease entry into regulated states

Complitech US provides full technical compliance requirements alongside powerful gap analysis tools. These tools allow suppliers to quickly identify which technical compliance requirements their products already meet, as well as the areas where work is needed.

It allows users to identify and enter regulated states as it accurately assesses the workload of a new market entry based upon markets where a product is already live. This works both between US states, and between other regulated jurisdictions and US states.

Complitech US launches with an initial 10 regulated US markets – including New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan – and will soon cover all regulated jurisdictions in the country. It stands as an additional product alongside Complitech, which already offers complete technical compliance coverage for more than 30 regulated markets in Europe and beyond, with all requirements translated into English.

Antonio Zanghi, CEO at Maxima Compliance, said: “We’ve always believed that compliance is an opportunity, not a burden, and the success of our partners in newly-regulated states across the US is evidence of this.

“Whether your products are live in New Jersey, Sweden or Colombia, missing the next big opportunity in the US is simply not an option for most suppliers. Complitech US is designed to make the process of new market entry easier than ever, from identifying opportunities to meeting that final technical compliance requirement.”

Mark Roy, head of product compliance – US at Maxima Compliance, said: “This tool enables companies to reduce time and cost to enter markets by providing internal resources with the key information to make decisions on the roadmap based on how quick a market can be entered. Investigating new markets has never been so easy!”