CPI releases Simplifi to distributed gaming operators

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) has announced the global release of Simplifi, cloud-based software for route-based gaming operators. By extending into the distributed gaming market, CPI is adding to their existing network of 1 million managed machines.

Simplifi is a GLI-approved, cloud-based platform that delivers real-time payment device and route management insights to route operators. Simplifi connects with the SC Advance bill validator and the Universal Connectivity Box (UCB) to enable operators to remotely manage cash box allowances and machine health. Simplifi complements the CPI casino management software, Easitrax Connect, which provides operators access to real-time casino floor data.

“CPI has over 10 years of experience managing distributed assets across multiple industries,” said Brian Wedderspoon, Vice President for Gaming at CPI. “The first of its kind for route-based operators, this software offers live cash and machine performance data, dynamic route scheduling, machine optimization, and end-to-end cash accountability.”

  • Simplifi provides increased efficiency and route visibility through:
  • Dynamic route scheduling and dispatch to remove guesswork from route planning
  • Real-time alerts and device insights to prioritize machine maintenance
  • Live cash and machine performance data to make informed operational decisions
  • Remote management and device updates to eliminate unnecessary service calls
  • Mobile service applications for on-the-go accessibility
  • End-to-end cash accountability for increased visibility on your earnings

For more information on Simplifi, please visit www.cranepi.com/route.