DWG reveals Jade Diamond Casino through Facebook Instant Gaming platform

Operator’s fifth social casino available on new channel

Leading games provider and operator Design Works Gaming (DWG) has launched its latest social casino, Jade Diamond Casino, on the Facebook Instant Gaming platform.

This is DWG’s fifth instalment in their free-to-play portfolio and will be available for both mobile and desktop through the Facebook platform, which is unique for HTML5-based games.

Facebook’s Instant Gaming platform first launched in a closed beta format last year. However, it recently opened its availability to all developers to build HTML5 cross-platform gaming experiences. DWG is one of the first social casino operators to launch on the channel.

Jade Diamond Casino offers a sleek, efficient mode of social casino gaming. Its stripped-down platform does not sacrifice any quality in gameplay. Players can access the game at significantly increased load speeds through easily accessible applications, such as the Facebook App.

Like DWG’s existing social casinos, Jade Diamond offers a mix of iconic Las Vegas-style slots and video slots. As players progress through the game, they can level up, giving them the opportunity to raise their bet stakes, and unlocking further titles to play.

Troy Zurawski, President and CEO of DWG, said: “We are delighted to launch our newest social casino, Jade Diamond Casino. The Facebook Instant Gaming platform has been identified as a major opportunity for DWG, and the tech team here have worked tirelessly to get our latest casino up and running as soon as possible.

“With its impressive gameplay and fun interface, Jade Diamond Casino is set to add yet another dynamic option to the DWG social casino family.”

Jade Diamond Casino is the latest addition to DWG’s social casino portfolio which includes Cash River, Diamond Sky Casino, Spin Vegas Slots and Super Scratcher Casino.