EGT celebrates 10 cabinets installed at Les Ambassadeurs

Les Ambassadeurs Casino in North Cyprus is the first customer to receive one of EGT’s top products – the model G 55 C VIP from the distinguished General series. This elegant establishment has become one of the most popular venues in Cyprus with its highly professional services from an attentive team, friendly atmosphere and luxurious surrounding. The EGT cabinets that contribute to the success of the casino, are Super Premier 75, P-42V St Curved, P-27/32 St, P-27/42V Up and the recently added G 55 C VIP, together with another very special ‘G’ model – G 32-32 VIP. They all amount to 94 machines and entertain the players with multigames from the new Power and General series and the famous Collection mixes.

According to the management of Les Ambassadeurs Casino, the gaming audience of North Cyprus is well acquainted with the EGT machines that are occupied most of the day and night because are comfortable and the multigames are interesting, with engaging graphics and diverse themes. This is why a proven concept to attract more clients to the establishment has been at least 35-45% of all its cabinets to be of that brand. Les Ambassadeurs Casino is also the first customer for the latest General slot releases of EGT – the G 50 J1 St and the G 50 J2 St. Twenty machines of both models will soon become the stars in the slot offering of the venue with their state-of-the-art 50-inch displays that have different curves, augmenting significantly the effect of the games and the comfort during play.

For years the operators of North Cyprus have admitted the advantages of EGT slot developments. So far there have been installed over 2,500 machines of the brand that equals to ca. 40% market share. Despite the COVID 19 crisis, North Cyprus remains one of the “hottest” gaming destinations. Only during the last year there were opened 2 new casinos – both greeted their first players with machines of EGT, a practice that is on its way to become a tradition for the domestic operators.

“We are grateful to our customers for recognizing our efforts to keep high standards in the gaming industry with our products,” commented Biserka Draganova, sales manager at EGT for the Balkans. “I am also very pleased that the Premier series, which is the common regional favorite, is now gradually making place to its successor – the General slot line, that is advancing in popularity at a rapid pace. North Cyprus is often the first home of some of the top EGT cabinets after they leave the production lines and I am proud of the fact that this will be also true for several more “G” models.”