EvenBet acclaims ICE London as a milestone moment for poker

Leading developer is particularly encouraged by Double Chance Poker’s reception as it promises to “make poker great again”.

Leading online gaming software developer EvenBet Gaming has returned from ICE London with its poker portfolio universally recognised as the perfect vehicle with which to “make poker great again.”

Leveraging its trademark flair for innovation, EvenBet injected fresh life into the poker vertical at the industry’s most important igaming hub, with the big reveal of its exclusive, patented Double Chance Poker feature.

Double Chance Poker adds more creative mechanics to EvenBet’s multi-faceted poker mix, increasing players’ excitement and engagement by giving them more chances to win in a single cash game, or in any game of the tournament. For just a minimal ante, players can now join a parallel game if they don’t want to increase their bet pre-flop. At the same time, if a winner is defined as early as the pre-flop stage, they now enjoy a chance to double their winnings.

As a result, poker rooms now have the perfect opportunity to boost the rake up to its double: players stay in a game longer, fold less and see more flops. The retention and the lifetime value accordingly ramps for both novices and “sharks”, leading to an active check-bet-raise cycle and, ultimately, more revenue. In fast-fold games, players enjoy even more options, bringing a more sustained and deeper dive for engagement. You can try the public demo here.

Such gamified functionality is emblematic of EvenBet’s broader poker push to empower its operator partners with the tools that can furnish their players with an enhanced experience. However, Double Chance never loses sight of its classic poker fundamentals with gimmicky casino or lottery-like mechanics. Sitting alongside over 25 other poker that are bringing back poker’s glory days, EvenBet’s pioneering product portfolio is currently reigniting the vertical for its global partners in 2019.

All these components combined for a truly landmark ICE London for EvenBet, where the developer capitalised on some impressive interest and take-up in its core offering. From industry-firsts, such as the no-rake NoLimitCoin, to ground-breaking mobile apps like Poker Clubs which has been harnessing escalating smartphone adoption rates across Asian markets, the trend is unmistakable.

EvenBet CEO Dmitry Starostenkov, recently nominated for CEO of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards 2019, said: “We were thrilled with our superior stand at ICE London, not to mention the overwhelmingly positive reception our poker products received from conference delegates. The tide of poker’s renaissance has been encouraging – and it’s only running in one direction.

“I’m happy to report that visitors to the EvenBet instantly saw the LTV merits inherent to Double Chance Poker’s fresh functionality. While other product developments like Mini Games, and even our recently released Casino Management Module (third-party casino game-management which lightens the load on an operator’s staff), each demonstrated our commitment to redefining the poker igaming landscape via state-of-the-art tech and innovative ideas. Together, we can make poker great again!”

EvenBet’s platform allows operators to seamlessly integrate original, market-leading products with dependable turnkey solutions across poker and casino (all backed by multi-currency support, including Bitcoin). These products deliver scalability without ever sacrificing peace of mind.