G-Digital’s Wheel of Fortune marketing tool applauded at BEGE

Focused marketing campaigns possible with this ingenious Wheel of Fortune

The feedback from Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Expo (BEGE) for G-Digital’s Wheel of Fortune was overwhelmingly positive. Many visitors to the show took the opportunity to get to know and understand the benefits that the Wheel of Fortune offers.

The Wheel of Fortune is a marketing tool to enable focused campaigns to be offered. In this way customers can be rewarded in a chosen way. For example, it can be linked with a loyalty card so that players with such a card can spin the wheel – in this way the loyalty card system can gain in importance. Another example – it can be linked to purchases made over a certain amount – thus rewarding customers who have made such a purchase. “The possibilities are endless”, explained Ljubo Benko, CEO and founder of G-Digital. “The Wheel of Fortune is simple to programme, meaning that our customers can make use of it in different ways. Let me stress that the Wheel of Fortune should not be seen as a game – it is a marketing tool to manage campaigns”.

The first client for the Wheel of Fortune was Casino Lugano in Switzerland – where it has been an instant success and has become an important way to reward customers.

G-Digital is an expert for digital signage software in the global gaming industry. The software is intuitive, thus simple to use, enabling advertising to be included on the table game display in a defined space. Naturally the software also portrays the winning numbers and offers a custom jackpot media. G-Digital is deployed on a central database – that means that changes can be made to as many monitors as required at the push of a button. There is no need to programme a change on a USB stick and walk from monitor to monitor to make the change. This naturally saves time and money. Changes can be made quickly and effectively.

More information can be found on the G-Digital website: https://g-digital.eu.