Gaming Standards Association Reports Steady Progress Being Made in Comité Européen de Normalisation’s TC456 Standard

Malta-based GSA Europe has been serving as a liaison organization to the Comité Européen de Normalisation’s Technical Committee TC456 since 2017. Earlier this year, GSA Europe Managing Director Mark Pace was elected by the CEN to co-lead on a project to create a European Union online gaming reporting standard.

Speaking at the World Gaming Executive Summit in Barcelona, Pace reported the technical committee has been making steady progress in creation of a standard in support of online gambling supervision.

“The creation of a regulatory reporting standard is important to regulators throughout Europe, and it is an honour to work side-by-side with our colleagues on TC456 on this important project,” Pace said. “We are bringing the full technical expertise of GSA Europe to TC456 to help to ensure we create a standard that can be readily adopted throughout the continent.”

Earlier this year, GSA Europe donated its Regulatory Reporting Interface and Regulatory Data Set draft standards to CEN to help TC456’s activities.

“While it would not be appropriate to divulge specific details at this time, I can say we are diligently working towards a final draft, making consistent progress, and expect a draft document will go to a final TC member consultation by end of this year,” he added.

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