Gender equality opportunity as gaming industry emerges from COVID-19 shutdowns, says WGHA

Women in Gaming and Hospitality Australasia is calling on employers to use the post-COVID recovery period to achieve equality of outcomes within their workforce.

WGHA CEO Helen Galloway said gaming companies have a fresh opportunity to review and reset gender representation after months of shut-downs during 2020.

“As operators start standing-up staff after COVID-19 restrictions have interrupted their businesses, this provides many similarities to starting up a new company,” Ms Galloway said.

“Resuming operations with COVID-19 restrictions in effect may require a more distributed workforce, or a degree of restructuring.

“This is the ideal opportunity to reset where necessary to deliver gender equitable outcomes in a workplace.”

Ms Galloway said WGHA advocates the business case that organisations that are inclusive of women and men at all management levels are more innovative, more productive, and deliver better financial performance. She said: “Around the globe, companies are asking themselves how to work smarter, not harder, and how to innovate to give great outcomes for customers within constrains of public health.

“Gender equity is the smart business thing to do in these uncertain times as innovation is going to be crucial to survival.”

Ms Galloway said that a gender diverse workforce assists a company to make better decisions by enabling greater diversity of thought.

“Gender equality in management make-up will ensure an organisation’s customer base is represented and their needs are being considered,” Ms Galloway said.


WGHA is a not for profit organisation with a purpose to achieve an inclusive industry and ensure the leaders of the industry are driving this change.

The organisation showcases and celebrate those doing well and holds accountable and supports those organisations that have room for improvement. WGHA represents the gaming, hospitality and gaming related industries to assist delivering better outcomes for women.