GeWeTe reports of successful G2E Las Vegas

Cash-Center Premium has already become the company best-seller

The G2E Las Vegas show now plays a major role for GeWeTe – the Gauselmann subsidiary responsible for the global development, sales and support of redemption machines in the casino market. GeWeTe has over 26 years of experience and has proven that this German-made technology is not only the most efficient and secure, but also the most economical, with the best return of investment over time.

“We made our first redemption machines 26 years ago and we still have customers who are using these. The ROI is therefore exceptional. Our solutions are built to last. We make use of the best components and offer all change and redemption requirements. We have the right solution for every application – that is why we have the largest portfolio of redemption machines”, explained Mr. Aristidis Tsikouras, Managing Director of GeWeTe.

GeWeTe redemption machines are well known for their lasting security and excellent uptime rates. Today the machines inform the customers if there is any issue to solve – this preventative maintenance saves time and money. Today GeWeTe is also known for excellent design.

From all the machines, one truly stood out at the exhibition. The G2E Las Vegas show proved that GeWeTe is now known for world-class design as well. The Cash-Center-Premium was only released back in February at the ICE and today has already become the company’s top seller. The Cash-Center-Premium represents a brand new design concept with an extra-large 27” side-lit touchscreen display. This display not only acts as the interface to the customer: it can be used by operators for information and advertising purposes – making it an effective marketing tool. It offers cash-in, cash-out, can accept tickets and naturally pay out the cash sum of a winning ticket. Player / customer cards can be accepted. The Cash-Center-Premium thus excels in its flexibility of handling all cash and cashless payment requirements. Customers can choose between a bill reader or recycler. Four bill dispensers enable the large dispenser capacity of 2,000 or 3,000 bills per dispenser unit. Up to 4 coin hoppers can be fitted – meaning up to four coin values can be dispensed. The optional PinPad Terminal enables the acceptance of bank cards.

“The Cash-Center-Premium is also simple to manage. It can be connected to many casino management systems. Furthermore, software settings, preventative maintenance and money transactions can be carried out from anywhere around the world – just an internet connection and browser are required”, concluded Mr. Tsikouras.

GeWeTe has proven that German-made technology not only gives peace of mind with excellent security and maximum uptime but also that GeWeTe offers the best return on investment as well.