Hann Casino Resort chooses Abbiati

Abbiati has become a leading supplier to the Hann Casino Resort in the Philippines.

Following meetings with Hann Casino Resort’s chairman and CEO, Mr. Daesik Han, Giovanni and Giorgio Abbiati conducted a development project to design a range of customised Gaming Currencies, American Roulette Wheels and Baccarat Displays.

A spokesperson from Abbiati said: “The Abbiati Team has dedicated its efforts and extensive resources in producing this very large important order, despite the many difficulties experienced during the many challenging days of the pandemic and is very happy to be a part of the finest hospitality and entertainment experience the Hann Casino Resort is offering its guests.”

“The Abbiati Management and Team are grateful that this world-class project was entrusted to them and they wish good health and much success to Mr. Han and to the Management of Hann Casino Resort.”