HooYu launches Card Check to prevent money laundering and speed payout

Leading provider of digital KYC onboarding technology, HooYu, today announces the launch of Card Check, an extension to the HooYu journey. As the industry looks to further invest in tighter AML controls, operators asked HooYu to extend the HooYu journey beyond ID document validation and facial biometrics so that customers can prove they are in possession of the correct payment card at pay out.

The new journey prompts customers to provide a photo of their payment card at pay out and HooYu checks the card number and card holder name against the card(s) that were originally used to deposit, without retaining or compromising sensitive information. Card Check works to prove that the withdrawal of funds during pay out is going to the real customer and prevent bad actors from account takeover and making off with the customer’s winnings.

As gaming customers face ever more choice as to where they place their bets, quick pay outs are an important differentiator. In a recent online gambling survey, 80% of players said that fast pay outs are important when choosing an online gambling or betting provider and 55% of players said they were likely to switch to an online gaming service that offered instant withdrawals. [1]

David Pope, Marketing Director at HooYu commented: “Our clients asked us if we could extend the HooYu journey to payment cards to reduce manual overhead checking at pay out and increase AML controls. This new journey speeds up the pay out process and saves operators many man hours checking that pay outs are being sent to the right card.”