JCM installs equipment at Sac Fox Nation’s casinos

JCM is increasing efficiencies and security at Sac and Fox Nation’s Black Hawk Casino and Sac and Fox Nation Casino. JCM will be installing count/sort equipment from Cash Processing Solutions (CPS) at each property.

JCM installed a V Series 1200/16 count sort machine and ECM software the Black Hawk Casino. At Sac and Fox Nation Casino, JCM installed an X Range 9500 count sort machine and ECM software.

CPS’s ECM software and JCM’s Intelligent Cash Box system (ICB) have been integrated so that all asset details and cash box contents are communicated directly to the CPS software. This count room solution increases cash box processing speed and reliability, brings more visibility over the operation, and enhances security. JCM recently upgraded its ICB system to ICB 3.0 at both properties.

The X Range and V Series tabletop count/sort machines are modular solutions that count and sort at high speeds and with accuracy. The X Range processes banknotes at 900 notes per minute, and the V Series processes as fast as 1,200 banknotes per minute.

Sac and Fox Casino executive, Robert Abney, said: “At the Black Hawk Casino and at Sac and Fox Nation Casino, we have been impressed with the speed of the JCM/CPS machines, which is much faster than our previous count-sort equipment. In addition to speed, our finance team likes the accounting/reporting features because they can easily customize the duration of records-saving. These devices have been very effective means for us to increase efficiencies at our casinos.”

JCM SVP of sales, marketing & operations, Dave Kubajak, said: “Our relationship with Sac and Fox Nation continues to expand,”

“For decades JCM has been committed to partnering with First Nation and Native American casinos and other businesses around the world to increase their productivity and operational efficiency, helping our customers save time and money. Bringing new solutions like CPS to the gaming market is another example of that commitment.”