JCM’s іVIZION Casino Estoril’s Preferred Product

The renowned Casino Estoril in Portugal has named JCM Global as their preferred supplier and iVIZION as their preferred bill acceptor after switching their slots to this innovative product.

Casino Estoril is one of the top 10 EU casinos, and now all of their 800 slot machines are operating with iVIZION. Casino Estoril achieved this by retrofitting some of their existing machines with the new bill validators as well as acquiring a number of new slots with iVIZION already installed.

“The use of JCM’s iVIZION by this well-established casino is testament to the quality of our automated transaction technologies as well as the commitment of our staff. We are sure that players and employees at the historic Casino Estoril will find the new bill validators a great step forward,” said Payam Zadeh, JCM Global EMEA General Manager.

“We are very pleased with iVIZION for its intelligent validation and fast processing speeds, as well as how comfortable it is for casino staff to take away and introduce. It is also great to work with JCM thanks to their fantastic team of Product Managers, Technical Managers and Sales support,” said Mr. Manuel Anok of Casino Manager Casino Estoril.

iVIZION houses Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology that scans 75 times more data points than any bill validator in its class, patented anti-stringing technology, and two powerful processors to offer fast and secure note and ticket acceptance. And, with a sealed dirt and liquid-resistant banknote path and rugged design, the iVIZION requires less service-related downtime, which means more time to game.

Casino Estoril has a history stretching back over a hundred years and is currently one of the biggest working casinos in Europe. Located in the Portuguese Riviera, it offers a mix of slots, tables, bars, a prestigious show and dining room, and much more.