Konami provides slot cleaning and customer care solutions with SYNKROS

Konami’s SYNKROS casino management system has successfully launched slot machine cleaning and customer care solutions at seven different casino locations. First released in June, the company has developed, tested, and deployed a system-delivered solution to help optimise slot machine cleaning between use, and offered it at no cost to SYNKROS customers. It is part of Konami’s on-going efforts to deliver meaningful support to the health, safety, and recovery initiatives of gaming industry operators. SYNKROS’ solutions include a mix of real-time communications, alerts, and report analytics, designed to empower casino floor staff and supervising teams to monitor and manage slot machine disinfecting between use.

“In the midst of business closures that occurred beginning in March, Konami’s SYNKROS team began planning, producing, and packaging a set of solutions to assist our users to monitor and manage when slot machines need disinfecting between customer use. The solutions were seamless built into the existing SYNKROS ecosystem,” said Tom Soukup, senior vice president & chief systems product officer at Konami Gaming, Inc. “Working closely with our casino customers, we responded quickly to their needs, and equipped their teams with the necessary customization options and training for them to automatically communicate slot machine cleaning statuses to their casino guests.”

Early adopters of SYNKROS’ slot machine cleaning and customer care solutions span locations from California to the Caribbean. To date, seven casinos representing six different jurisdictions have successfully leveraged the technology to streamline slot machine cleaning and customer care.

SYNKROS’ slot machine cleaning and customer care solutions allow players to request slot machine cleaning from the player tracking LCD display, which triggers email, SMS text, or administrative alerts to cleaning crew members. After a player has finished their play session, the machine will switch to automated “Waiting to be sanitized” message. Once a cleaning crew member has completed cleaning, the machine will switch to automated “This machine has been sanitized” message, with a time stamp identifying when the last cleaning occurred. And throughout this entire process, casino administrators have access to visual floor monitoring of machine cleaning status and cleaning patterns, to gauge effectiveness and manage staffing.