LSports launches tennis betting simulator

LSports has launched its Tennis Betting Simulator in an effort to help sportsbooks continue to do business while the majority of sports leagues around the world remain shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This offering is the perfect solution to bookmakers that allows them to operate while live tennis remains on hiatus. The product provides a lifeline to sportsbooks that have completely lost their tennis revenues without any definitive timeline as to when those might return.

The Tennis Betting Simulator leverages LSports’ historical tennis database which has cataloged over one million different tennis matches and associated statistics — down to each and every point. Each match features its original pre-match and in-play odds, backed by high-quality visualization mirroring the precise action that previously took place on the court along with a variety of features, all resulting in increased turnover engagement rates.

The player names, tournaments, dates, and times have all been changed. Using distorted names of top active and hall of fame players to increase the bettors’ engagement in the matches. The real information regarding the actual participants, the specific tour, date, and time of the historical match will be revealed to bettors after the conclusion of each simulated match. This practice will legitimize the simulations and allow bettors to verify their historical accuracy.

“Sports fans around the world are starved with nearly every league shutting down operations indefinitely,” LSports co-founder and CEO Shaul Lazar said. “Our Tennis Betting Simulator can help satiate that hunger and allow sports gambling enthusiasts to partake in the hobby while leagues’ doors remain closed. We’ve created a system that precisely redevelops historical tennis matches while maintaining their integrity, providing sportsbooks a solution that will reopen tennis revenues.”

Additional features of the Tennis Betting Simulator include:

  • Over one million historical matches
  • High-quality matches featuring, best-of-five, best-of-seven, best-of-nine games and full-set formats
  • Up to 500 matches played per day
  • 24/7 matches
  • Features both pre-match and in-play betting markets such as game winner, point winner and match winner
  • Visualization features that include ball movement, heatmaps, shot placements, score changes, and statistics

LSports’ Tennis Betting Simulator is already available. The company provides real-time sports data solutions for bookmakers, affiliates, and media groups. In addition to traditional sports, the company also provides comprehensive esports data feeds including major games such as FIFA, Dota 2, LOL, and CS:GO, along with vast offerings of table tennis, virtual sports, racings and special bets. Overall, LSports covers over 60 sports, standing on an average of 35K in-play and 105K pre-match events per month.