Spirit Gaming Announces First Moniko Success in Germany

Environmental gain key for Sachsen Casinos

Spirit Gaming from Germany proudly announces its first commercial success with Moniko Tito tickets. Sachsen Casinos has introduced Moniko tickets to its casino in Chemnitz.

In a ticketing gaming environment, it is naturally essential that casino management has access to tickets readily. Moniko is the only slot ticket manufacturer in Europe. Casinos can not only make use of SPIRIT GAMING’s expertise in sourcing slot tickets – the fact that these are made in Europe means that tickets no longer have to be sourced from a different continent, many thousands of kilometers away.

“We take our responsibilities seriously”, explained Mr. Romanowski, Operations Manager at Sachsen Casinos. “We are placing a greater focus on where our products stem and the ecological trail they leave to arrive at our casino. When the Spirit Gaming team informed us that Moniko is a European supplier of phenol free slot tickets and with a fast delivery of within 2 weeks that immediately fitted in to our strategy. Furthermore, we know that quality is guaranteed as the paper stems from Germany”.

“Ecological factors are gaining in importance in the casino world as well”, explained Mr. Vitali Philippi of Spirit Gaming. “It goes without saying that the carbon footprint is reduced for European casinos when choosing Moniko. Moniko is the growing name for slot tickets. Quality is guaranteed with the original paper coming from Germany. And the shorter distance means shorter lead times. Furthermore, a major point is that Moniko tickets are phenol free. Phenol is a hazardous substance that can cause skin damage. It’s a true win-win when choosing Moniko. We are extremely pleased to have Sachsen Casinos as our first reference. This highlights their innovative, forward-thinking and ecological strategy”.