SportCaller adds FTP trivia quizzes for customers

SportCaller, the leading free-to-play (FTP) sports-game provider, has launched a daily series of fun trivia quizzes with BetMGM to continue fan engagement during the sporting shutdown across a range of entertaining events this Spring.


These tests of trivia track a seasonal calendar of flagship contests that would typically capture players’ interests and imaginations for the coming month, while also majoring in a daily diet of questions around popular sports and associated general knowledge categories.


BetMGM’s quizzes run off 10 questions, to which players must submit each answer within a 10-second time frame. Incorrect players are eliminated for the day while correct respondents are required to complete the full 10-question course to win a $500  prize or share it with any other successful player(s). This limited-time answer clock, coupled to varied question-alternating functionality and a deep well of topical historical data, guards against system-manipulation and improves the customer experience with intuitive gameplay.


With this timely series, BetMGM is employing a softer marketing strategy with which to responsibly maintain fan engagement and online hangtime during the current crisis. Users can join in a daily battle for bragging rights against other players, or recommend these free daily challenges to friends. As a result, brand loyalty is organically fostered until live sports return from their historic hiatus.


Cillian Barry, SportCaller MD, said: “We’re delighted to have increased SportCaller’s growing global influence in North America through this partnership with such a revered brand. During this unprecedented sporting shutdown, it’s imperative to evolve and innovate responsibly, so that sports betting can adapt to the current climate.


“Our flexible platform, which allows us to quickly create and deploy topical trivia-quiz FTPs, neatly maps onto the conventional calendar for sport, going some way to filling the void for fun and entertainment during this challenging spell. Then, as this lockdown is lifted, sportsbook engagement can rebound all the stronger.”