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  • DRGT in a Seychelles first

    By Casino International on April 22, 2021
    The Republic of Seychelles has never stood back for anyone; particularly in the tourism, leisure, and entertainment sector, where it remains one of the Indian Ocean’s most sought-after beach holiday destinations. So, when the global pandemic hit, and lockdowns were enforced in various stages across the globe what did service providers in the island nation do? Plan for re-opening, of […]
  • DRGT facilitates massive Mexico medical bed delivery

    By Casino International on February 5, 2021
    As many Mexican health care facilities face the challenge of being unable to receive COVID 19-infected patients due to a lack of beds, Fundación Curando a México, with the help of DRGT Mexico, and a number of local angel funders have facilitated the largest delivery yet of medical equipment into the country. The company had previously forgone its Global Gaming […]