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  • Gambling Indaba

    By Casino International on May 9, 2016
    November saw the inaugural Gambling Indaba, a new kind of exhibition and conference in Cape Town. Casino International attended, and we very much liked what we saw. What was different about the first Gambling Indaba, held in South Africa’s gorgeous Cape Town? The focus of the event was very much on the conference, rather than that being treated as an add-on […]
  • The toll of illegal gambling

    By Casino International on March 11, 2016
    Is illegal gambling really a ‘victimless crime’? Sharon Harris certainly doesn’t think so. For centuries, many have believed that illegal gambling is victimless. Who cared when people gambled if they could financially absorb a loss? Whom were they hurting? However, society’s perspective changed when darker details of many illegal gambling operations emerged and sparked public outrage. Assessing the scope of […]