TCSJOHNHUXLEY Africa working with customers across continent to open safely

Casinos across the globe are working tirelessly to re-open safely to provide peace of mind for their staff and players, ensuring they are properly protected.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY has been focused on this during the pandemic, launching the Care & Protect range of products designed specifically for live gaming requirements. From Play Safe Shields for table games to chip sanitization products, the company is dedicated to providing operators with the right tools to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

With the South African casino market re-opening this week, the TCSJOHNHUXLEY team has been working around the clock to provide and install literally thousands of Play Safe Shields for casinos in the region. The clever designs feature safety glass that can be finished with the casino’s logo etched into the edge. This provides an extra safety feature, making the screens easily visible whilst also allowing extra branding for the casino.

Christiaan Els, Managing Director TCSJOHNHUXLEY Africa, comments, “The last few weeks have seen our team pulling out all the stops to ensure the Care & Protect Play Safe Shields were supplied and  installed to all the casinos in the Sun International and Tsogosun Groups prior to re-opening. Our focus has been making sure our customers are ready to welcome back their guests and staff in a safe and protected environment and I’m pleased to say we delivered this in record time.”