TCSJOHNHUXLEY installs Chipper Champ Pro at Rivers Casino

TCSJOHNHUXLEY has installed seven Chipper Champ Pros at Rivers Casino Philadelphia in Pennsylvania after an extensive side-by-side 90-day trial.

The Chipper Champ Pro includes a fold away 10” touch screen which provides more information to casino personnel on the gaming floor. In addition, it offers enhanced security through two built-in cameras, allowing approved gaming staff to see inside without removing panels or interrupting the game.

Greg Stewart, TCSJOHNHUXLEY head of sales for North America, said: “Thank you Bennie Mancino and the rest of the staff at Rivers Casino Philadelphia for giving us a chance to prove the Chipper Champ Pro stands out from the rest.  Our newest Chipper has state-of-the-art features and benefits as well as being the most reliable chipper to operate. Adding chip sorters to the casino’s Roulette tables will certainly increase productivity and game performance. We truly appreciate this opportunity!”