The Best Casino Openings Of 2019… So Far!

The casino industry is forever expanding. For the most part that seems to be online at the moment.

We’re always seeing new online casinos arrive globally, particularly in the USA at the moment, with the industry continuing to see revenue rise every single second.

You’ll now find a crazy amount of online casinos available to play, but it has also been a good year for land-based casinos too, with some great new arrivals to freshen up the scene.

Below you’ll find some of the biggest and best to open up in 2019…


Cascades Casino, Chatham, Canada

Cascades is a brand new addition to the North American gambling industry, opening in July of this year. The soft opening went without a hitch and it’s already proving popular with punters.

It’s a huge place, located just an hour and a half from Detroit the casino boasts over 300 slots to suit all budgets and a huge range of table games including roulette, blackjack, Spanish 21 and many types of poker.

There are a series of restaurants and bars to enjoy and it’s likely to become a permanent fixture in Ontario.


D’Heights Resort & Casino, Pampanga, Philippines

D’Heights in Pampanga, the Philippines is certainly the jewel in the crown when it comes to this year’s casino openings. It’s first-class luxury and has been receiving rave reviews.

It’s the country’s largest casino resort and has truly stunning views across the mountains. The Hilton has already opened its doors there and plenty of its residents are moving downstairs to take on the tables and slots.

There are four floors of gaming, including all the regular games you’d expect and it could well kick start this country’s life as a real gaming hotspot. You won’t see much better in 2019 that’s for sure.


Encore, Boston Harbour, USA

Boston has really upped its game with the introduction of the Encore. And it’s become a real hub of entertainment in the city.

As well as a huge range of slots and table games it’s also channelling it’s inner-Vegas and welcoming all manner of events, including boxing.

Fight nights have become special events, while there’s also spas, salons and a number of restaurants that have significantly added to the city’s fine dining scene.


Galaxy Plaza Hotel & Casino, Cambodia

Cambodia isn’t ever going to be known as the next Las Vegas or Macau, but with a growing number of tourists heading to Cambodia, it makes sense to add a bit of glamour.

It’s a casino that wouldn’t look out of place anywhere in the world and has a large casino floor with all the usual games, as well as some Asian specialities too.

The accommodation attached to the casino is among the finest in the country and if you’re looking to see both sides of the country, this hotel casino in Paoy Pet is definitely worth booking!

It’s the closest legal casino to Thailand’s Bangkok, so as you’d imagine, business is already booming!