The new GeweTe Cash-Recycler-Premium

GeWeTe is launching a new Cash-Recycler-Premium model which follows the already well-established Cash-Recycler and maintains the multifunctional features that GeWeTe products are renowned for.

With its stylish modern design, the Cash-Recycler-Premium with an LED-illuminated frame highlighting its stunning graphics will stand out from the crowd in any application. In addition, this new model also has the top section and base plate illuminated. The front of the Premium features a high-quality printed panel, which can be customised. The device is operated intuitively via a 19-inch HD touchscreen.

Behind the tasteful exterior hides a powerful interior. The Cash-Recycler-Premium is available with a Mini or MultiMech banknote dispenser and optional iPRO-RC banknote acceptor, which can hold up to 200 banknotes. As a result, the Cash-Recycler-Premium has a comprehensive capacity of up to 2,900 banknotes.

With dimensions of 182 x 91 x 49 cm, the Cash-Recycler-Premium offers space for up to six hoppers.

Features include:
–        High-security cabinet with dual lock and multi-point locking system
–        Accepts banknotes for change into coins or notes
–        Bulk coin acceptance for payout in notes
–        Ticket redemption/dispensing
–        Debit cards acceptance
–        Membership card reader for crediting/debiting Bingo, Betting and other membership accounts
–        Automated cash desk allowing staff to securely withdraw or pay in funds
–        Global remote access via secure login
–        E-mail alerts for stock levels/SOS alerts
–        Audit reporting

“That’s how we meet all the requirements of our customers with a premium design,” says Aristidis Tsikouras, GeWeTe’s Managing Director.

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