What Can We Expect From Online Gambling Going Into 2020

The forecast for the rise in online gambling is simply phenomenal. By 2024 it’s estimated that the industry will be worth almost $100billion. Of course, in order for casinos, bookmakers and bingo sites to continue that growth though, they need to be continually moving forward.

Over the years we’ve seen the industry grow alongside technology and the next 12-months will be no different, with a number of trends already beginning to develop. But what are going to be the key trends for 2020 in online gambling?


New Variants

We’ll likely see a number of new variants increase in popularity over the coming months and across 2020. Every year we welcome new ways to play the likes of poker, blackjack and bingo, as well as finding many different markets and sports to bet on.

eSports betting will continue to grow in popularity, as events continue to fill arenas, while Slingo Bingo has proved very popular for bingo players, combining online slots with the game.

That combination and the success of it could prove to be a catalyst and 2020 may see a number more variations of games launched, combining different elements as one.


More Technologically Advanced Gaming

Of course, technology is going to have a big say in what variations start to land and how games are packaged. In recent times we’ve seen the mass rollout of live casino and across 2020 we’ll likely see virtual reality gaming become more popular across online casino.

For many years, developers have looked to make the game even more immersive and virtual reality taking off in 2020 will certainly take that to the next level.

In sports betting, the development of social betting being integrated into betting apps is likely to really take off this year, while live streaming will also continue to develop, creating easier to use interfaces and more.


Catering More To Women

It’s generally considered that online casino is very much targeted towards men. We’ve seen the scantily clad women on sites, and even many croupiers in live casinos aim to please the men.

However, women are beginning to enjoy more of a voice within the casino industry and in-turn games and sites are also looking to cater for both genders. 2020 will see this rolled out much further, making for a much more inclusive industry and a gender-neutral space.


New, More Imaginative & Generous Offers

Competition continues to grow for casino companies, and more and more exciting welcome bonuses look set to hit the market as they look to differentiate from the competition.

Bonuses are going to get bigger, better and more inventive, giving customers more options when deciding which is the right site for them to play. This will most likely come in the form of specific games, so a customer may have a game they want to play in mind and can therefore find a more tailored offer to suit their needs.