Winpot adds Zitro’s GLARE cabinet line

The Mexican Winpot Group has added more than 200 of Zitro’s GLARE cabinets with its latest innovations: Altius Glare and Megashare Lounge.

Megashare Lounge is the company’s latest innovation, capable of uniting Zitro’s cabinets and games to the same mystery prize. Recently, CAPRI GUADALAJARA, DIAMONDS CORDILLERAS, WINPOT PUEBLA, WINPOT BOCA DEL RÍO, WINPOT TUXTLA and WINPOT TONALÁ have added the Megashare Lounge to their gaming offer, to which new games will be continuously added. With Megashare Lounge’s new shared progressive system, if one player wins the MEGA jackpot, all players win.

With over 100 cabinets installed, Winpot Group bets on the tallest GLARE cabinet – Altius Glare – which has been a success. Launched with the multigame Wheel of Legends, Altius Glare features a 55″ and 27″ Full HD screen, 4K graphic resolution, intelligent LED Halo and latest generation processor.

Anuar Haua, Winpot’s operations director, said: “We would like to congratulate Zitro for offering us these long-awaited innovations for our players. It is the perfect time to give our gaming halls an extra thrill, with this prize sharing system among all Zitro players, thanks to Megashare Lounge, and with the new spectacular Altius Glare cabinet on display in all its splendor. It’s a true joy to see our casinos like this!”

Johnny Ortiz Viveiros, founder of Zitro, said: “We appreciate Winpot’s support to our creations, it is our main driving force, to work tirelessly to offer the most innovative products to our customers, to their players, and we thank them for the trust placed in us in this new stage full of illusion.”