Zitro installs 88 Link at Bingo Gorrión

88 Link has been installed at Bingo Gorrión in Alicante, Spain. This is the first gaming hall in the Valencian Community to install Zitro’s multigame.

88 Link is presented in the Allure cabinet which includes three Full HD screens of 27” each. Allure also features a SynchroScreen system which synchronizes the top screens. 88 Link, themed on the richness of China, combines the multiway game mechanics with the Bonus Link created by Zitro.

Sergio Sala, leisure area director of Alzis, said: “With the installation of 88 link, we marked our commitment to continue adding Zitro products to our entertainment offerings, which have given such a great performance. The staging of Link King and Link Me looks amazing thanks to the stunning visuals and surround sound system that delivers an unapparelled gaming experience, customers are delighted.”

Oscar Nieto, Zitro’s commercial delegate, added: “We appreciate the great bet that this group has once again made on our products, which stand out over the existing ones in the market. Bingo Gorrión is always one step ahead, so we are looking forward to installing it in the next few days in more gaming halls in the Community.”